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Welcome To the world of cheese pairings

Slates & plates, inc. est. 2016


In addition to our cheese pairing courses, we offer a second 'format'.  It's a bit more loose, for attendees and us as well.  This route allows for more free flowing conversations about the cheese pairings.  We can answer your questions and address your concerns without a sit-down style course.  With this format, we can do up to four cheese pairings and can accommodate a larger crowd. Instead of a course outline packet, guests will receive several postcards that includes information on the pairings. These are also keepsakes for you and your guests to take with you!  We want to be as informative and educational as possible, so providing you with adequate information is key!


Our courses

Slates & Plates, Inc. offers in-home cheese pairing parties.  We come to your home and curate a course selected from our many themes. We bring everything from set-up to cleanup, so you can enjoy a stress-free evening of entertaining! Each of your guests will have their own slate with pairings and a course outline to follow along with. This is designed for small groups of guests to have an intimate and in depth experience. After the course, the outline is yours to keep and to reference in the future.  The floor is open for discussion and questions.  
The only one thing we love more than cheese - sharing that passion for cheese with you! We’ve designed our educational events to offer you and your guests a multitude of ways to get your cheese on at home!

 We are here to educate you and welcome you to the world of cheese! The only thing we love more than cheese is sharing that knowledge with you and your guests!