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porter house Steak with Garlic and Herbed Butter

Perfecting that steak can be a bit tricky.

Sometimes that sear is just perfect but the inside is nowhere to be cooked. So by the time the inside is cooked, your crusty exterior is basically, well, dead at this point.

So here it is – that juicy, crisp steak cooked just the way you want it, topped with a garlic compound butter that is off. the. hook.


You can put that butter on anything and everything – dinner rolls, toast, chicken or seafood. You name it. You can also prep the butter ahead of time and freeze as needed.

I mean, you never know if there’s going to be a butter shortage so let’s just play it on the safe side.

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'brut' (beer) Cream Sauce with mixed greens and crispy proscuitto

There’s no mistaking that we are living in an IPA world. Brewers are now pushing the envelope in different ways. It seems only natural to continue to innovate within styles that are so popular. Brutal, made by our friends at The Brewers Collective is perfect example! An IPA,brut made with Azacca, Citra, Belma and Cascade Hops. Brewed in collaboration with John Palmer and Long Island Beer and Malt Enthusiasts

We wanted to take the classic Penne with Vodka sauce and change things up. For a new spin on classic vodka sauce, we’re substituting a Brut,IPA. This recipe is easy to make and produces a delicious new take on a classic. A total crowd pleaser. 

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